Lazyness (resistance to Change)

Eva Stand
1 min readNov 20, 2022
Image from Harper’s Bazaar.

Laziness, or, simply desire to do nothing is our our inherent resistance to Change.

Any change, either positive or negative, either in our surrounding or in ourselves, is met by resistance. Resistance by our System.

It is not us, but our System, which desires status quo (no change).

Because Change is a Stress. Stress means disturbance in our System. Stress means unpleasant hormones being released to our System.

Change is Stress. Stress is unpleasant. “Unpleasant” is a Feeling. And, Feelings control us.


Solution is in a positive Feeling around a Change you desire. A true positive feeling, strong enough to counterbalance our System’s Fear of Stress.

For example, I want to learn more on subject X. But, I keep avoiding learning, because learning triggers change in my Mind & Body (my System) and, is automatically associated with Stress.

Instead, I take out the word “learning”. I tell myself: I am enriching my understanding on subject X. I am gaining liberating clarity about Subject X.

How we formulate our actions for ourselves matters. This is how we communicate with our System. Through Communication we trigger Change.

Eva Stand