Effort is a miracle.

Eva Stand
2 min readJan 24, 2022


Picture of Jeanne Damas, from Pinterest.

Effort is a miracle in itself. And, miracle attracts miracle… 😌

Why do we avoid putting some effort? Effort to to wake up at 6:30 am, effort to do first things first at work, effort to read a material we were planning to read for months already, effort to socialise more regularly with people?

Each one of us have our own, individual, paradoxical (aka unexplainable) reasons for not putting effort.

Someone’s reason is not yours. Therefore, standart seminars, books, advises usually do not work. Because they are standart, “averaged out”. I dare to say, they do not work for anyone. Because, when you look at one person, he or she is not average or standard. He or she is unique. With unique issues, which need unique ways to solve.

So, what is your reason for not putting effort?

My reason for not putting effort is that I do not have dreams. I have this deep lying fear of things going beyond than well. I am subconciously scared to dream, to hope.

As a result of Fear, I do not have Dreams, Hopes. Which in turn sends message to my brain, that there is no need for you — Effort…

Unique solution for me? Yes, it is to believe in Miracle. Not to elaborate on a Dream or to understand my Hope.

Just to be open for Miracle. And, to believe that Effort is a Miracle itself. And, that Miracle attracts Miracle.




Eva Stand